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Site domain name in Ukraine
Creating sites in Ukraine at one of the initial stages requires selecting the appropriate domain name. A site's domain name, like a person's name, is a unique identifier that allows…

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Web design and increase your website's conversion rate
Increasing site conversion is the dream of all commercial site owners to get a high conversion rate, because a good conversion means, first of all, good income. Unfortunately, right from…

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Development of online stores: buyer's shopping cart
Development of online stores: shopping cartthe development of online stores pays great attention to usability, because in order for visitors to the online store not only to come to look…

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Site accessibility: how to increase it?

Site accessibility: how to increase it?Along with the concept of usability, you can also find the term “accessability”, which can be translated as ” site availability “. What does the availability of the site? Who exactly should the site be “accessible” to? How can I increase site availability?

Accessibility – this term is most often used to denote the accessibility of the site for users with disabilities . For example, people who suffer from diseases of the visual apparatus, such as color blindness, the site in the traditional form may be inconvenient to view. Continue reading

Web design: fashion trends 2011

Web design: fashion trends of 2011mode variable, although, for example, fashion trends of web design in 2011 in many ways resemble the fashionable “pret-a-port” of web design of the year 2010 . What did the new year of web design bring? Fashion trends in web design 2011?

CSS3 and HTML5
Previously, web designers had to create beautiful dynamic effects using flash-often to the detriment of search engine optimization. Today, CSS3 and HTML5 technologies are increasingly used – they have become a great addition and even some alternative to flash when creating visual effects. In 2011, CSS3 and HTML5 are particularly relevant. Continue reading

Web design. Style of promo sites

Web design. Promo site style a promo site is a site designed to advertise a particular brand or product on the Internet. The web design of promo sites has its own specific features. What exactly is the web design for promo sites?

The promo site creates and maintains the image of the company or product, promotes the product on the market, and helps to form a loyal attitude of consumers to the brand.

The main task of an advertising promo site is to encourage a potential buyer to take action, and the style of web design for the promo site should contribute to this task. Continue reading

Web design. The information structure of the site

Web design. The information structure of the site is important in its development. Ill-conceived information structure of the site leads to the appearance of “extra” pages, duplicate pages, “broken” links on the site, etc. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the development of the information structure of the site.

What is commonly understood as the information structure of the site? In General, it is a way of organizing site information materials together with all the links that allow these materials to interact with each other. And how well this interaction is organized depends on the level of comfort when using the site by visitors. Continue reading

Web design. Magazine (newspaper) style

Web design. Magazine style-a fashion trend of web design in 2010, gradually moved to the year 2011. What is attractive about magazine style in web design? Is this style suitable for business sites?

Magazine style in web design, also called newspaper or newspaper-magazine style , is a kind of imitation of printed publications: Newspapers and magazines. The same columns of text, the same large titles and high-quality photos …

If you look at a typical modern magazine and website designed in a magazine style, you will notice the elements that make them” related ” to each other: Continue reading

Web design trends 2015
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How to create a website design? Recommendations of a professional web Studio
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Usability of B2B sites: what is important to consider?
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Web design trends 2016
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