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Web design: fashion trends 2011
Web design: fashion trends of 2011mode variable, although, for example, fashion trends of web design in 2011 in many ways resemble the fashionable "pret-a-port" of web design of the year…

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What to write in the call-to-action text on the site?
What to write in the call-to-action text on the site?Almost any commercial site, whether it is a corporate portal, an online store or a modest site like "vcard", has a…

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Web design. Style of promo sites
Web design. Promo site style a promo site is a site designed to advertise a particular brand or product on the Internet. The web design of promo sites has its…

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Creating a website design for various CMS

Creating a website design for various CMS currently, websites are created using various CMS content management systems. Using CMS allows you to separate the design (submission) and content (content) of the site, which corresponds to the basic principles of Web 2.0. At the same time, each of the CMS that exist today has its own characteristics.

Creating a site design must take into account the features of the CMS, because otherwise the site design created for one of the CMS will not be used for another content management system. On the example of popular CMS, such as Joomla! like WordPress, you can see differences in creating site designs for different content management systems. Continue reading

How do I choose a font for my site?

Choosing the best font for a site is not only a matter of attractiveness of the site design, but also a matter of ensuring the necessary level of usability. After all, it is often an incorrectly selected font on the site that leads to the reluctance of visitors to read the text content of pages and provokes them to leave the site almost immediately after opening. How do I choose the font for the site correctly?

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the font design of websites in web design. There is even a fashionable trend of creating website design only through the use of various original font solutions. However, in the pursuit of fashionable solutions, it is often forgotten that the font of the actual content of the site, which was previously important. Continue reading

Do I need animation for my site?

Do I need animation for my site?Currently, even a very complex animation on sites is no surprise, because the number of sites that have different animation effects on their pages is simply off the scale. However, the question of whether it is appropriate to place animation on sites remains open today: is animation really necessary for a site or is it just a fashion statement?

Modern Internet users are very sophisticated and tend not only to find answers to their questions on the Internet, but also to combine search with entertainment. It turns out that sites that can provide their visitors with some entertainment functions along with the necessary information have some advantage over sites that do not have such functions. Continue reading

Web design trends 2013

Web design trends 2013the older the site, the more trust it arouses among both regular users and search engines. However, a site design that is quite old can quickly become outdated If it is not regularly updated. Today, more and more new web design trends are constantly emerging, following which helps to make sites “closer” to visitors. In particular, the 2013 web design trends demonstrate that sites are kept to a minimum, as well as compatibility with various devices.

Every year, Internet users are becoming more demanding: it is no longer enough for them to simply get any information on websites — they want to do it quickly, conveniently and, most importantly, with pleasure. Continue reading

Web design and site navigation structure

Web design and site navigation structure when creating sites, their so — called navigation structure is of great importance-in other words, the scheme according to which visitors navigate between different pages of sites. The navigation structure is closely related to the usability of the site, as well as its optimization for promotion in search engines.

The site’s navigation structure performs important tasks: it logically combines various information blocks, displays the current location of the visitor on the site, and provides controls for navigating through the site’s pages. As a rule, there are main and additional navigation in the site structure. Continue reading

Slider for the site that chinnici scho uplyvayut on GNU usable
The sliders for the site and the factors affecting their usability Sliders for the site and factors that affect their usability on commercial sites, especially when it comes to online…


Web design. The information structure of the site
Web design. The information structure of the site is important in its development. Ill-conceived information structure of the site leads to the appearance of "extra" pages, duplicate pages, "broken" links…


Online store conversion
Conversion of an online store for any online store, the conversion rate is an important indicator of its performance. Conversion of an online store is the number of purchases made…


Forms for the site features of creation and design
Forms for the site: features of creation and design to perform a lot of functions on modern sites, you need different forms. You can use them, for example, to communicate…