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Slider for the site that chinnici scho uplyvayut on GNU usable
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Web design: fashion trends 2011

Web design: fashion trends of 2011mode variable, although, for example, fashion trends of web design in 2011 in many ways resemble the fashionable “pret-a-port” of web design of the year 2010 . What did the new year of web design bring? Fashion trends in web design 2011?

CSS3 and HTML5
Previously, web designers had to create beautiful dynamic effects using flash-often to the detriment of search engine optimization. Today, CSS3 and HTML5 technologies are increasingly used – they have become a great addition and even some alternative to flash when creating visual effects. In 2011, CSS3 and HTML5 are particularly relevant.

Simplicity of design
The view of the modern Internet user is already fed up with rainbow designs with a lot of animation elements, excessive graphics. Now site visitors are increasingly striving for simplicity : less bright annoying colors, more convenient and understandable information.

The simplicity of the site’s design does not mean that it is poor or inferior. On the contrary, a minimalistic web design helps to focus the attention of visitors on really important information, being only an unobtrusive harmonious frame for this information.

In 2011, mobile devices were even more actively used by users to access the Internet. That’s why the fashionable web design trends of 2011 include support for mobile devices when developing the site design.

Whether it’s a pocket PC, a touch-sensitive smartphone or a tablet computer – on any of these mobile devices, a site that matches the fashion for web design 2011 will be easy to view, fast and undemanding to resources.

Illusion of three-dimensional space
“Parallax scrolling” or parallel scrolling is a special technique in web design that allows visitors to create a sense of depth, three-dimensional space . However, the fashionable web design of 2011 does not insist on “total” capture by three-dimensional effects – it is enough to use parallel scrolling as a secondary element of the site design.

Touch navigation
With the introduction of tablet computers to the modern market, touch navigation on websites has become very relevant . After all, users of such devices may experience difficulties in using traditional navigation tools. For example, if a hyperlink changes its appearance when the cursor is hovered over, then when using a touchscreen, the site visitor does not have the ability to hover the cursor over the link.

Web design 2011 recommends that you take into account the ability of users of touch-enabled devices to visit the site in your navigation.

Photos as background
Large photos as backgrounds are a popular web design trend in 2011. In this case, the subject of the photo corresponds to the theme of the site, and the photo itself may be a little transparent, so as not to interfere with visitors when viewing the site content.

Large photos have a huge “weight”. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to optimizing and preparing the image for publication on the web: if the image is large enough, it should load as quickly as possible.

Fashion for web design can not replace the careful and thoughtful development of the site design. Fashionable web design itself will not guarantee the effectiveness of the site , but it can play an important role in increasing the attractiveness of the site for visitors .

If a visitor likes the design of the site on which they are located, then such a visitor is also positive about the perception of the information posted on this site. As a result, the visitor’s willingness to go shopping or place an order increases . Isn’t that a sign of success?
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