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Web design and site navigation structure
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Slider for the site that chinnici scho uplyvayut on GNU usable

The sliders for the site and the factors affecting their usability
Sliders for the site and factors that affect their usability on commercial sites, especially when it comes to online stores, today you can often find sliders, or so-called “carousels” – – elements of the site design, in which slides with photo or text information are displayed in a single block with a certain speed. in order for the slider to not only remain an element of attracting attention on the site, but also contribute to the conversion of visitors into buyers or customers, it is important to pay attention to the issue of its usability.

With the help of sliders on websites, it is convenient to demonstrate promotional offers, new products and sales hits. Thanks to the animation and usually quite large sizes, sliders always attract the attention of visitors and help them draw their attention to important information. But in case of improper use, sliders can not only help, but even interfere with the effective operation of the site.

To prevent this from happening, at the very beginning of creating a site or redesign, you should pay attention to some of the main factors that affect the usability of carousel. Among them are the following.

The sequence of the slides in the “carousel»

A typical site visitor is unlikely to stay on the main page long enough to see all the slides in the “carousel”. Therefore, the sequence of slides is very important, because the one that the user sees first will probably attract the most attention. As a result, we recommend placing the information that you want to show first on the first slide.

Slide show time

As a rule, in the “carousel” slides are “flipped” automatically-after a certain period of time. For the slider to work correctly, it is important that visitors have time to see the contents of each slide, so you need to configure the slide show time. For example, 5-7 seconds may be enough for the average user. to see the image on the slider and read the title. But if there is also a text description on the slide, then you need to increase the time to 10 seconds or even more.

Slide navigation

In order for site visitors to always understand which “carousel” slide is being shown to them, and to be able to “flip” the slides themselves, it is always customary to select the slide in some way and place navigation elements, such as arrows, in the “carousel”. At the same time, the size of these elements should be sufficient to make them clearly visible, and the color of these elements should be contrasting with the images on the slides that are below them.

Automatic “flipping” of slides

Automatic slide change is convenient and attracts attention, but there are several cases when it is important to temporarily stop it. We are talking about hovering the mouse cursor over a slide or clicking the mouse button on a slide: it is obvious that in such a situation, the site visitor is interested in the slide, so he should be given time to study it in detail. To do this, you should stop automatic “flipping”.

Features of use on mobile devices

When used on mobile devices, the behavior of sliders on websites will differ from the desktop version. After all, first, you need to proportionally reduce the size of the slides in accordance with the size of the screens of mobile devices, and secondly, you need to take into account the features of touch interaction with the site. In particular, due to the absence of such an event as mouse hovering, it is usually not recommended to use automatic slide changes in the “carousel”, but it is recommended to enable support for” swipe ” and other touch gestures.

Among other things, it is important to note that to ensure usability, carousel should never become the only means of accessing the materials that are placed in it. Otherwise, if there are problems with the slider, visitors will not be able to see this information and will not even know that it exists at all.


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