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Creating a website design for various CMS

Creating a website design for various CMS currently, websites are created using various CMS content management systems. Using CMS allows you to separate the design (submission) and content (content) of the site, which corresponds to the basic principles of Web 2.0. At the same time, each of the CMS that exist today has its own characteristics.

Creating a site design must take into account the features of the CMS, because otherwise the site design created for one of the CMS will not be used for another content management system. On the example of popular CMS, such as Joomla! like WordPress, you can see differences in creating site designs for different content management systems.

Creating a website design for Joomla!
Joomla! it is a very popular content management system among web developers, and therefore the creation of a site design is most often performed for this CMS. What are the features of Joomla! need to consider when creating a website design?

Created for Joomla CMS! the template (which is the name of the site design template) has a clear structure, violation of which can prevent further normal operation of the site. The template is a folder where the index files are located.php and templateDetails.xml, as well as the images and css folders. There may also be several other files and subfolders in the template.

The file index.php is the basis of the template, without it creating a website design for Joomla! it would be impossible. This file contains html code that is responsible for displaying design elements on the site page, as well as php directives that are responsible for displaying the necessary modules and components. At the same time in Joomla templates! both standard and custom modules are used.

The templateDetails file is also important.xml, which is a template configuration file that contains the necessary service information for installing the template. TemplateDetails file.xml consists of several sections that are declared in a strictly defined order.

Creating a website design for WordPress
WordPress is no less popular than Joomla!, a content management system. Creating a website design for this CMS includes several main stages. First, we develop the template structure. For example, in the simplest case, a site design for WordPress can only include 2 files: index.php and style.css. The most common is this structure of the site design template for WordPress:

header.php (the output of the html header)
index.php (main file)
sidebar.php (side menu)
footer.php (“basement” of the site)
main.php (the output content)
style.css (cascading style sheets)
In the index file.php contains the html code required to display a pre-created graphic design layout on the site, and other template files can be connected to this file using special functions. The template files contain any necessary html codes and php directives that are responsible for programming both standard and additional site design features.

WebStudio2U web design Studio offers professional website design creation for various CMS, popular or not: we create bright solutions that not only effectively perform the tasks set, but also have a high level of usability, transparency and code structure, which allows you to easily use the created template for further work when developing a site in different contractors.

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